I created RunningDigital in 2008 after I began using my smartphone as a digital hub for athletic training data. My equipment was a Polar XTrainer heart rate monitor and a Nokia e61 running Sports Tracker, a Nokia Beta Labs app. Soon thereafter, Nokia partnered with Polar and introduced the first Bluetooth heart rate monitor designed to feed data into a smartphone app. I saw the massive potential and I was hooked.

Nowadays, we’ve countless options for health apps and activity sensors which deliver a spectrum of physiological data into the platforms and services we choose. It’s a highly competitive industry, centered around our data and wellness, with billions of dollars at stake. I kept up with the latest digital health and sports technologies as developers and distributors around the world provided me with test units for review. Demand for my reviews grew, but in most cases NDAs prohibited me from sharing what I was testing. With that, in 2010 I began a consultancy here in Stockholm called Mobile Health Tech Sthlm HB. It’s been a fun and rewarding ride.

The digital sports tech industry has grown to the point where I’m no longer capable nor interested in trying to review everything and remaining unbiased. Apple’s platform and products work best for me, so I’ll write about the digital health industry as it relates to and revolves around Apple (e.g., ResearchKit and CareKit). It’s a limited focus, but within that lens there’s more than enough to explore and look forward.

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